5 tips against mosquitoes in the apartment

A summer night can get long when you can’t sleep because of a single mosquito in the room. Here is an overview of tips that really help to drive away the animals.

One could enjoy the summer months in peace if it weren’t for the annoying mosquitoes that seek our blood. It gets particularly annoying when the animals find their way into the apartment.

In search of a suitable place to bite, the insects buzz around the head at night. With the right measures, however, mosquitoes can be successfully repelled.

get rid of mosquitoes

1. A fly screen is the best protection against mosquitoes

Probably the most effective way to ward off mosquitoes is not to let them into your home in the first place.

An insect screen is quickly attached and can be cut according to the window dimensions. For doors, for example on the balcony or terrace, there are also nets on the market that can be opened in the middle – or opened like a door.

The fly screen is attached to the window frame with self-adhesive strips, which are provided with Velcro on the other side. This makes it easy to attach and remove the net.

2. Drive away mosquitoes with plants

Indoor plants not only have a positive effect on the air quality in the bedroom , but can also effectively drive away insects such as mosquitoes.

You can take advantage of the scent of lavender, because the insects can’t stand the intense smell. Read here which other plants are suitable for this natural form of mosquito repellent . It is best to place the plants on the window sill so that the pests do not fly into the apartment in the first place.

3. Use scents against mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can be repelled not only with aromatic plants, but also with essential oils. The principle is comparable, here too it is about the extracts of plants such as lavender, lemongrass or eucalyptus.

If you put a few drops of it in a small bowl or soak a piece of cloth with the oil, you should have peace from the mosquitoes. If you have a diffuser , you can also use it to spread the scented oil in the room. Simply add a few drops to the vaporizer along with water.

Tip: Even a correctly installed fan can ensure that the mosquitoes can no longer orientate themselves well in the room and cannot fly to their destination. Since the insects mainly use their sense of smell to find their way around, you can try to confuse them with the air current.

4. Take a shower before bed

Sweat almost magically attracts mosquitoes. That’s why it’s important to take a quick shower before going to bed on warm summer nights. However, it can happen that you start sweating again a little later under the covers.

A lukewarm or even cold shower can counteract this and also ensure better sleep. Important: Do not use heavily perfumed shower gels or other products when showering, as this can negate the effect. However, shower gels with a citrus scent are said to help in the fight against mosquitoes.

5. Light coffee powder and drive away mosquitoes

Old coffee grounds can also be an effective home remedy to drive away mosquitoes. However, there is no point in putting the filter from morning coffee on the bedside table.

Instead, you should light the brown powder so that it can develop its deterrent effect. Here’s exactly how to get rid of mosquitoes with coffee .

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