Do Cockroaches Crawl on you at Night?

There is nothing scarier than sleeping at night and feeling something crawling on you, only to wake up and see a cockroach running away from your body.

It doesn’t just create fear and panic; there’s also an element of disgust attached to that feeling. But do cockroaches crawl on you at night, or are you just imagining the feeling?

The problem

do cockroaches crawl on you at night

Cockroaches crawl on you at night if you are in a cockroach-infested room. While there’s nothing that specifically attracts a cockroach to your body, they are only using your body as a bridge to continue their movement towards their destination.

Cockroaches like to move around at night when you are most likely asleep because the room is dark and quiet. Light helps to minimize roaches’ movement around your room because they hate light – this is a comprehensive article regarding cockroaches and light.

So by the coincidence of laying down motionless, we become victims of cockroaches crawling on us – especially when the environment is dark, small, warm, and humid.

While roaches don’t bite, they inspire feelings of disgust and fear, alongside allergic reactions when they crawl on you while asleep.

How to stop cockroaches from crawling on you at Night

Stopping cockroaches from ever crawling on you at night is simple, just by observing a few steps.

Here are they;

 Watch out for Cockroach Infested Signs in your home

If you are suffering from a cockroach infestation, you should know and find a lasting solution.

Without a proper solution, you can do nothing to salvage the situation. Cockroaches will invade your room, and in the process, they will crawl on you – which might lead to some complex skin diseases, as alleged by dermatologists.

The only way to solve a cockroach infestation is to create a complete cleaning of your space with chemicals – preferably with the Combat Roach Killing Bait, Large Roach Bait Station, Kills the Nest, Child-Resistant, 8 Count. Click below to purchase from Amazon.

Alternatively, you can also have a look at what cockroaches hate and use some of them as repellants.

That way, you’ve solved your biggest problem, and then you look forward to other preventive methods I will be showing you further in this post. So now you know that cockroaches crawl on you at night, getting the Combat Roach Killing Bait is a MUST.

Keep your Room Clean at Night Before you sleep.

This should be a standard process because roaches don’t come into spaces that are clean and free. Cockroaches leave their hideouts and come out at night to hunt for food; thus, cockroaches crawl on you at night.

Keep your space clean and tidy before you go to bed, clean up food particles on the ground, and empty leftovers into the trashcan and plates well tidied up.

Keep Light On (If you can)

If you can sleep comfortably with lights on and don’t have the finances to get cockroach repellers, leaving lights on becomes a good solution.

They might run around their hideouts but won’t walk long enough to crawl on you while you sleep.

Avoid Sleeping on the Floor

A common practice is sleeping on the floor in many cases, making you an easy target for roaches to crawl on.

If your room is suffering from roaches’ infestation, then avoid sleeping on the floor for the main time till you find a solution. If not, cockroaches will crawl on you at night.

Close up Target Areas

Doors like those of the bathroom, kitchen, and store should be closed up properly before going to bed. These areas harbor cockroaches in large numbers, so if you don’t want to experience cockroaches crawl on you at night, then close down the areas mentioned already.

Alternatively, you can spray insecticide in your bathroom area and store. In the kitchen, carefully spray it before you contaminate your food and endanger your health.

Do Cockroaches Crawl in your mouth when you sleep

Cockroaches don’t crawl in your mouth while you sleep. They crawl on your body and walk away searching for food, but never in your mouth.

Even if you open your mouth while sleeping, their antennas make sure to guide them from areas that will kill them.

How Do You Keep Roaches Away at Night?

You can keep the roaches away at night by keeping the house clean and crumb-free. Always sweep the bedroom and get rid of food drops in the kitchen. You can also encourage other people in the house to maintain good hygiene and discourage roaches from the house. If roaches attack at night persists, examine and fix broken pipes in your home. Seal the cracks on the walls and always close the doors leading to the inside of the house. If you notice a large infestation of roaches, hire pest exterminators to remove them for good.

Do Cockroaches Sleep?

Roaches are nocturnal, and they follow the circadian rhythm. Although they are most active during the night, they also have a period of immobility, which is similar to what you call “sleep”. About 4 hours into the dark, roaches remain actively in search of food. However, the number of hours might increase from 4 to 7 depending on the time humans and pets put off the lights and cease movements.


So now we know that cockroaches crawl on you at night, following the steps above will prevent you from experiencing such a horrible situation and always have a good and pleasant night’s rest.

Stay clean, healthy, and safe. If you need more information on how to have a clean home, is the website always to follow.

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