How to Dispose of a Dead Cockroach [Creative & Germ-Free Ways]

Cockroaches are diseases, bacteria, and germs carriers, so knowing how to dispose of them is imperative after you’ve killed them to have a clean and healthy home.

Throwing it away carelessly or leaving it lying around might contribute to the spread of diseases and litters around the house. This post should educate you on how best to dispose of a cockroach and other health practices to observe.

The best way to dispose of a cockroach is by trashing it in a trash bag and handing it over to the garbage service to take care of the waste. Alternatively, you can flush it down the toilet drainage if you confirm that you killed it properly.

Before you dispose of a cockroach, double-check to confirm it’s dead, else you’d be passing the problem on to someone else due to negligence.

Cockroaches are covered in germs and bacterial, so knowing how to dispose of them is highly imperative. Killing and disposing of them the wrong way might attract more cockroaches to your house due to the scent of the dead cockroach leaves.

There are some perfect ways to dispose of a cockroach – especially dead ones, let’s consider them.

Ways to Dispose of a Dead Cockroach

how to dispose of a dead cockroach

Killing a cockroach in your house by squashing it is pretty risky because you risk spilling germs and their contents all over the floor. If you have kids, it becomes riskier because they might touch that exact place you killed the cockroach on the floor and put the same finger into their mouth.

Using an insecticide or going natural is the best option.

So when you find liters of cockroaches lying dead around the house, how do you dispose of them?

Flush the Cockroach down the Toilet

This is one of the best ways to dispose of a cockroach. Use a broom, sweep it and send it down the toilet drain. It helps dispose of the cockroach properly and avoid leaving scents that other roaches will use to create a habitat around the same location.

If you fail to kill the cockroach or knock it unconscious before flushing it down the toilet, you stand the risk of having the cockroach come back into your house through the same route that flushed it.

Cockroaches are hard to drown due to the spiracles across their body. They use spiracles for breathing and can close it, thereby holding their breath.

Also, it makes them buoyant, allowing them to float when you flush them down the sewer pipe. If you continuously flush cockroaches into the sewer, they will survive, feed on waste, reproduce, and expand their population with time. Of course, they will eventually find their way back into your house – this time in a large number.


  • It keeps your environment free of dead roaches
  • It doesn’t leave scents


  • Cockroach may be revived if you didn’t kill it properly.
  • The cockroach may find its way back into your house after some time
  • If you didn’t completely kill it, the cockroach could reproduce with others in the sewer.

Dispose of a Cockroach by sweeping it away

Sweeping roaches away is another effective way to dispose of a cockroach if you killed it inside the house. As earlier stated, squashing the cockroach hard while killing it inside the house might make it spill its bacterial content around the house – giving room for contamination.

But to dispose of a cockroach by sweeping allows you to eliminate the cockroach without the possibility of allowing it to crawl back into the house.

Advantages of sweeping roaches away

  • No chance of allowing it to come back into the house
  • The easiest way to dispose of a cockroach

Disadvantages of sweeping roaches away

  • You move the cockroach to another location if not properly killed
  • It might invite ants and other insects to feast on it.
cockroach eaten by ants inside the house

Dispose of a Cockroaches by Burning

Burning is actually one of the best ways to dispose of a cockroach, whether it’s just one or many of them.

You can pack it up, straight to the backyard, and light it up in fire. If you continuously kill them every day, you can pack them up somewhere and find a specific day to burn them thoroughly.

Advantages of Disposing of a Cockroach by Burning

  • You completely get rid of the cockroach
  • You prevent others from other insects and ants from gathering around the house.


  • Burning is an environmental concern
  • It might lead to an accident if mistakes happen.

If I flush a Cockroach, will it come back?

Yes, the cockroach is likely to return if it wasn’t killed. Cockroaches can hold their breath for up to 40 minutes, so even if they are flushed to the sewer, they will crawl back up in an attempt to save their own life.


There is no perfect way to dispose of a cockroach killed inside the house, as every method has its own advantage and disadvantage.

You decide by looking around and choose which of the methods here suits your environment better.

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