Can Bleach Help You Keep Rats Away from your House [Investigative Guide]

So my neighbor and I were having a discussion, she asked me, “does bleach repel mice away?”

Frankly speaking, that was the first time I ever heard such a question and figured out that the experiment would be such a good one to undertake.

So, I decided to carry out the investigation, and will answer the question below.


does bleach repel mice

Yes, bleach repels mice because just like humans, rats hate the intense and pungent smell and also discomfort. Applying bleach around a rat nest or even in a rat-infested location would force them to retreat and leave until the environment becomes conducive.

We are going to consider why bleach is a good mice repellent and the right way to apply it around the house. You should note that bleach is composed of many harmful chemicals, so spraying the bleach around carelessly might cause health damages if inhaled excessively.

Since we have considered the natural ways to get rid of rats at home, I guess that considering bleach as an option should come in handy.

Answer to the question does bleach keep rats away?
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What is Bleach Made up of?

Bleach is a household cleaning agent that is effective for sanitizing spills, killing bacteria, cleaning cloths, and whitening fabrics. Bleach is made from the chemical composition of Sodium and Hypochlorite and is a potent oxidizing agent in liquid form.

Excessive use of chlorine bleach endangers everyone around with its harmful effects on the body. To start with, inhaling bleach causes damage to the lungs and organs of humans.

For some people, accidentally inhaling bleach odor causes them to have stinging feelings in their nose, eyes, and causes them to cough and have a light head. All these are symptoms that explain the corrosive nature of the substance.

If also felt and left on the skin, bleach can cause burning and irritation. Over a long period on the surface, it can lighten skin pigments and damage the skin tissue. In the case bleach gets into your eye, it also has serious consequences. You will experience extreme irritation and pain and might suffer vision damage if not thoroughly rinsed out from the eyes.

Industrial bleach, which claims to be diluted, also has the same impact within a short time.

Steps to use bleach to repel mice

So here are the steps to use if you intend to use bleach and repel mice from your home. They aren’t cast on stone, but following them means you don’t suffer from domestic accidents in the course of getting rid of rats from your home.

Put the environment in good shape

The first step first, it’s time to tidy up the environment and make it clean. Keeping a clean environment means you can spot places that require more attention. Rats don’t hide just anywhere around the house, so you need to pick up designated spots where they might be hiding.

Once the house is kept clean, then you can move to step two. You ought to remember that these necessary steps are to protect the health of everyone in the environment.

Keep foodstuffs safe

Getting your meal contaminated with bleach is very wrong and would lead to health complications faster than a mouse who has done. If to be applied within the kitchen area, then foodstuffs and other edibles should be locked in a safe cabinet.

If in the basement or the attic, then no need to secure foodstuffs unless you store food there – which I believe you don’t – maybe some do, lol.

Mark-out location for an attack

Next is to mark out the location you intend using the bleach to attack. These locations are places where rats are hiding in your apartment. That would force them out of hiding.

Applying bleach around those areas will either force rats in your home to retreat and find somewhere else or die.

Apply the bleach around and lockdown all exit routes

Before you apply the bleach to repel mice from your home, you should have scouted for possible exit routes if you think rats are still within the location. The best way to use bleach is to pour it across all areas of the site gently.

Anyways, be careful not to allow it to spill on essential things around the target area. I would also suggest you pour on walls and other climbing areas around the location.

Once you finish pouring, lock all ventilation access into the room and close the door on your way out. Bleach has a choking smell, and since the respiratory system of rats is smaller than that of humans, they may choke to death.

Can Applying Bleach around the House hurt my Pets?

Sadly, applying bleach around the house can harm your pets if they do come in contact with or lick the ground contaminated with bleach already. Household bleach can be very harmful to dogs, cats, and other pets.

While your pets might not ingest the solution due to the pungent smell, applying bleach around the house can expose your pets. Dogs and cats lay on the ground, and after that, they lick themselves, which can cause them to ingest harmful substances. Due to their small size, smaller pets like hamsters and birds can equally become sick as soon as they inhale a small number of bleach fumes.

Overall, bleach poisoning in pets can result in convulsion, vomiting and sometimes becomes fatal, like in the case of death.

Alternative ways to keep rats away instead of using bleach

Since bleach can’t kill the rat but rather chase them away (which is what I believe you are interested in reading), I will still suggest other alternative ways to kill them alongside the use of bleach solution.

Live Traps

A live trap comes like a cage that traps the rat as soon as it enters the cage. Then you can go ahead to do whatever you wish with the rat – either set it free or kill it out of vengeance.

I usually use this method in my apartment, and it has been super helpful in helping me reduce the number of rats present in the home. Here’s what I do, as soon as I apply the bleach solution around my target area, I set up the live trap and add a bait right inside. Amid the confusion, the rat would wish to grab a bite and get trapped.


Poison is not to be used in all areas because it can cause other harm both to you and your family. There is a popular poison known as “kill and dry,” which kills the rat but prevents it from smelling.

It is beneficial if applied in a scattered location, mixed with food, and left in a natural position. The mouse shouldn’t smell a rat (lol) as it would simply walk past the poison with the knowledge that it is a set-up!


So for the question “does bleach repel mice,” I guess you already know the answer. But if you intend on killing the rats instead of knocking them unconscious or just chasing them away, then you should employ other higher rat killing methods.

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