Does Mouse Poison Attract Mice? [How to Use Mouse Poison at Home]

Mouse poison over the years has become one of the most effective ways of getting rid of mice in the home naturally. But the confusion lies in how exactly mouse works.

Does mouse poison attract mice? In this article, we will understand the chemistry behind mouse poison and how it is used in getting rid of mice in the house.


does mouse poison attract rat?

For the question “does mouse poison attract mice,” the simple answer is NO. Rat poison doesn’t have an active ingredient for attracting rats in the house, which is why it is typically mixed with an attractive factor-like cheese or regular foods that attract rats.

So if you are looking to get rid of mice in your home, mouse poison is a practical choice if you know how to use it correctly. But unfortunately, it also poses harm and has a specific downside of usage in a home – especially with kids or pets.

So for some other answers regarding mouse poison, let us continue reading below.

What exactly is Mouse Poison?

Mouse poison is called rodenticides, which is one of the pest control chemicals explicitly designed to kill rats in the home. There are four common active ingredients in mouse poison, and they are;

  • Bromethalin
  • Phosphides
  • Cholecalciferol
  • Anticoagulants

Each has a different operation when it comes to poisoning rats.

Some rodenticides are deadly just from one contact with a rat, while others require multiple bites from a rat to become active. Besides being toxic to the mice that ingest them, it is also deadly for cats, dogs, and humans if ingested. Dead rats killed by poisoning is also a risk to scavengers who eat them.

There are lots of poisons that people use to control the mice population around the home environment. If you think that it might overwhelm you, then it is suggested that you hire professionals to help you out. This is to minimize the risk of exposure for kids and pets around the house.

Does Mouse Poison Attract Mice? How does it work?

As stated initially, there are different poisons for mice, and they work in similar ways – by killing off the rodents. So does the mouse poison attract mice? Well, the answer is No. The mouse poison is used as a lethal weapon, and a regular meal is used as the attraction.

The food used is called baits and are typical food that mice find attractive and exciting. Some of the low-cost lures might include;

  • Ground crayfish
  • Peanut butter
  • Cereal grains
  • Cakes
  • Cheese
  • Dried fish

I recommend that an anticoagulant should be an active chemical in any mouse poison of your choice; this is to prevent the mouse blood from clotting, which causes internal bleeding that kills the rodent finally. Mouse poison can also come in other forms like vacor, strychnine, arsenic, and yellow phosphorus.

How to Apply Rat Poison to Attract Mice and Kill it

Now that we’ve known how rat poisons work to let go straight on how to set it up like a professional around the house. Remember, if in doubt, don’t hesitate to call on professionals to help you exterminate rats from your home. This product on amazon is my favorite to use inside the house.

Get a glove on

This is the most crucial step to save you from self-destruction and causing health hazards for yourself. You must use a disposable medical glove to start the process of mixing the poison with the preferred food you intend to use.

The glove is useful because, at any point, you might touch some home furniture with your hands and contaminate it – that way, exposing your family to health hazards. The chemical combination in rat poison doesn’t favor the human system, and it kills within minutes.

Get your gloves and avoid touching anything around the house till you dispose of the glove and sanitize your hands.

Mix the Poison with the Meal

does mouse poison attract mice
How to bait a rat

Let’s call it the rat’s last supper, which the food the rat takes in before it passes on. You mix the poison properly with food before being placed for the mouse to eat.

I suggest that whatever meal you intend to serve the mouse should be ground, and it should have an intense aroma; this is how the mouse poison attracts mice. Once it has been adequately mixed, then go ahead and work on the 3rd step.

Leave the food in a natural position.

I don’t know how the rats in your neighborhood behave, but the ones I have here are pretty intelligent and can smell a trap from afar. Rats often neglect baits in susceptible positions.

One of the ways I outsmart the rats is that I pour the food into nylon and create a little opening to allow the mouse poison to attract mice. Once it attracts them, they can do the work of biting and creating more opportunities, through which they can eat more of the poisoned food.

That is how rat poison works and the effective way to use it and get rid of rats in your home. If you place the food in an open position and leave it just there, it becomes susceptible, and they avoid it at all costs.

Switch off the light and Give it time to die

Nothing excites a rat more than a dark environment. It seems so natural and fun to them, meaning they can run around without being seen. Turning the lights on is a perfect “danger sign,” and they can all run back to hiding.

With the lights off, the mouse poison attracts mice due to the aroma of the food, which they can easily sniff out with their noses.

As soon as they sniff out the food, they start eating – depending on the type of poison, it might take a couple of hours to affect the mouse and finally kill the rodent. If you apply it at night, go clean up the environment and search for dead rodents.

Remember, you always use your Protective Equipment when dealing with rodents in the home.

Dangers of Using Mouse Poison

When it comes to getting rid of mice from home, poison is an excellent option for a lot of people because the mixture with rat-inclined food will allow the mouse poison to attract mice and kill it, which is how rat poison work. Nevertheless, there are good points and bad points to getting rid of rats with mouse poison.

One of the good points is that the rat will eventually die, and the pest is gone. A huge downside is a fact that it may not die in an easily accessible place for quick dispose of. There’ve been instances where rats ate the poisoned food and crawled back to the hole between the walls and died. Holes between the walls of a house is one of the popular places rats are hiding in your house.

Typically, this should require a whole new construction to figure out how to remove the dead rodents and stop the stench coming out from between the walls.

Another huge downside of using mouse poison is that you have no idea how many rats ate the poisoned meal, meaning you’d have to wait to come across a dead rat before you can take note of the count.

In the case of having kids and pets in the house, you should barricade everyone from entering that specific zone during this period. If neglected, common rat poison can kill a child in less than twenty minutes if you ignore intensive medical care.

The safety of your household should be your utmost priority. In many cases, I suggest that you let everyone know about the eradication going on, which would also help them to be cautious.


So now we have seen how rat poison works, and hopefully answered the question that is focused on if mouse poison attracts mice. Remember to keep safe while trying to eradicate home pests. If in doubts of your ability to handle the situation, always call a professional to help.

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