Drive amber cockroaches out of your house and apartment naturally

In many places amber cockroaches are currently entering the house or apartment. The insects are easily mistaken for cockroaches, but are harmless. With a few tricks you can get rid of them without chemicals.

This insect actually has a nice double name: amber forest cockroach. In a nutshell, the insect with the thorny little legs and the long feelers is simply called the amber cockroach.

In many places, they are currently looking for shelter from the cold season. The amber cockroaches are quickly confused with cockroaches. Nobody wants these disease carriers in their house or apartment, but amber cockroaches are harmless to humans.

Why do amber cockroaches come into the apartment?

cockroach in apartment

Unlike cockroaches, amber cockroaches do not care about food supplies in the home. Most of the insects eat dead plant material. And the insects usually find that outside and not in their own four walls. If amber cockroaches have nevertheless strayed into the apartment or house, the animals usually die after a few days due to lack of food. The cockroaches also do not multiply in the apartment.

Where do the cockroaches come from?

The amber cockroach is originally from southern Europe. The insect species has long since spread to Germany. Southern Germany is particularly affected. Experts suspect a connection between increasing temperatures and the spread of the cockroaches. In this country, amber cockroaches are often found along the way, in bushes or in garden hedges. The way from the garden to the house is not far for the cockroaches.

Preventive measures against amber cockroaches

Amber cockroaches give a wide berth to some smells that we perceive more as a scent. Essential oils with a scent of cloves or peppermint are particularly unpopular with insects. To ward off individual cockroaches, it is often sufficient to spread a few drops of the appropriate oil on the affected areas. Alternatively, you can place a bowl with the scented oil in water.

The trick with the deterrent smell doesn’t always help. The insects are quick to crawl and easily get into the house or apartment through small holes or cracks. In order not to let uninvited guests in first, careful sealing helps in this case! Amber cockroaches can also fly well. Insects are almost magically attracted to light, especially in the evenings. Insect screens and fly screens on the windows help here.

Get rid of amber cockroaches from your house and apartment

The classic trick with glass and paper often helps. The glass is boldly placed over the amber cockroach. Then slide the paper with the best possible strength under the glass and the scraper. They are finally released out of the window, on the balcony or in the garden.

However, amber cockroaches sometimes appear in droves in the transitional period. In this case, the use of chemical agents can help. However, the handling of a contact insecticide is left to a professional pest controller, best checked by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK). The expert can also assess whether it is actually an infestation by amber cockroaches or an infestation by cockroaches.

Recognize differences to the cockroach

Distinguishing an amber cockroach from a common cockroach is sometimes difficult for many. What distinguishes the insects: cockroaches are usually nocturnal, amber cockroaches also crawl around during the day. The cockroach species is also characterized by a brown shimmering shell. This distinguishes an amber cockroach from other cockroaches in Germany that have two gray lines on their shield.

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