8 Places Rats are Currently Hiding in your Apartment Now!!!

You wouldn’t like to see the disgusting nature of rodents near you, even worse, inside your home. Rats are tricky and infectious animals; to be able to get rid of rats in your house, you must first know the places or locations where they hide in your home. This post will aim to answer the question “where do rats hide in a house”.

So to get  Rid of Mice Naturally, you must understand where rats hide in apartments, this will make your extermination process very easy.

Rats don’t come out of their hiding places for just anything, anytime they go out, they go around looking for food. However, you can know where rodents hide in your homes by reading this article.

Below are the regular places where rats hide in a house.

where do rats hide in a house infographic explanation
Common Places to see Rats in a House
  1. Rats hide in House Walls.

You may be wondering how? If they find any possible hole that connects to your wall, they can move through that space and hide in your house walls. Sometimes, you may hear scratching noises coming out from your house walls, and you may be wondering what is going on? These scratching noises are mostly heard at night when there is no presence of light, and when there is no noise. These scratching noises are signs that mice are hiding in your walls.

Apart from the necessity to get rid of the rats, there are also other reasons why you should not leave rats inside your house walls. Whenever the rats find their way inside your walls, they can begin chewing the installed electrical wires, which will disconnect whatever you might have connected. This is also the main reason why fire is being triggered in most houses.

Another reason why you should try to get rid of rats hiding inside your house walls is that if they die, their dead smell can be very horrible and can also stay for up to a month.

You can get rid of the rats hiding inside your house walls by closing the holes where they gain entry into those walls. Furthermore, the best way to get rid of them without trapping them inside the walls is by setting a rat trap that will get hold of them whenever they try coming out to look for food.

  1. Rats hide in Furniture.

Furniture is one of the most popular places where rats hide in your home. However, the frequent use of your Furniture may prompt them to run away. But this does not happen in all cases, while some of them may run away and later come back to hide when you are not there, others run away permanently.

In the beginning, rats will find their way without stress into your Furniture, and they will go ahead to feast on the things you have stored inside of your Furniture. If you notice that rats are infesting any of your foodstuff or materials, try to set a trap inside your Furniture to entrap them and stop them from causing more havoc.

  1. Rats hide Behind Kitchens Cabinets.

You would mostly find rats moving in and out of your kitchens. This is not surprising but expected because rats are foragers.

Whenever they get any hole that will connect them to hide and live in your stores, they will explore it and take full advantage. Coupled with the fact that perishable and imperishable foods are stored in your kitchen store, rats will always seek for a possible way to find their way there and live permanently.

There are a lot of ways rats can gain entry into your kitchens. One of which may be from the pipes or an opening in the walls. Ensure not to leave any food specks on the floor as it could prompt the rats to come out from the hiding holes to feed.

To get rid of rats in your kitchens, you should try to clean and organize your kitchen correctly and seal all available holes in your kitchen to prevent their entry. You can also use bleach to prevent rats from hiding under your cabinet.

  1. Mice hide in Nests in the Attic.

Rats are often found on the upper floors of houses. The reason why the Attic is the perfect hiding spot for rats is that it is lonely, and not too many people often go there.

It is believed that an Attic is an isolated place, and so rats are always found there. They mostly use this location to make a nest that serves as their homes. One thing about rats is that they can find their way to high places easily. They do this by wriggling their way through holes that are on your walls and ceilings.

If you find out that rats hide in your Attic, it is essential to get rid of them quickly because if you don’t, they can find their way into your living room as time goes on.

  1. They hide in Yard

Because of the many things rats can consume, the Yard has become the perfect hiding spot for rats. The things we are referring to that rats eat include food leftovers, plants, and trash. These things are found in the Yard, and whenever rats find this out, they explore and begin to live there.

Meanwhile, it is a very tasking job to get rid of rats in your Yard. This is because it requires frequent fumigation, hard work, and maintenance. Rats prefer to create openings themselves, and you can get rid of them by looking out for the likely opportunities in your Yard.

The best way to get rid of rats in your Yard with is to use poisons and harmful substances, and that is by merely fumigating your Yard.

  1. They Can be seen hiding in Basements.

The basement is the most commonplace in the house where stuff like food and pieces of equipment are stored. Since rats move around the house, they can easily spot that foodstuffs are there, which they can quickly infest on.

The basement is mostly lonely spots in the house, and rodents see it as a perfect hiding place to feed on food items and materials. When you suspect that rats are present in your basement, you should endeavor to look for openings in the drainage system or holes. What you should do is to cover the openings up simply or to place a rat poison that will be toxic to the rodent.

  1. Rats hide in the Garage.

The Garage is also one of the most familiar places where rats hide in the house. Rats are creepy, and they usually find their way inside the Garage via the little spaces under the garage door. When they find their way inside the Garage, they typically begin their hunt for food and other chewable items.

Also, if you park a car inside the Garage, the rodents can go as far as chewing the wires, which will cause money to replace. You can stop rats from coming into your Garage by covering the little space under the garage door by using a garage door brush strips.

  1. Rats hide in Pipes and Drainage systems.

Rats often hide in pipes and drainage systems that connect to your bathroom, kitchen, or toilet. These rodents are capable of squeezing themselves through holes with a width of about 3.7 centimeters. While they may be hiding in pipes and drainage systems, they are also likely to come out through your bathroom and toilet to forage for food.

It would a scary and horrible experience if you find the head of a rat emerging from your toilet; trust me, you would not like to see that happen. To get rid of rats hiding in pipes and drainage systems, you should endeavor to make use of bait traps alongside peanut butter.

Frequently Asked Question About Rats in Houses?

To bolster our answer to the question of where do rats hide in a house and to get rid of rats in your homes, people are asking a series of questions that concern rats in homes. Let us take a look at some of the frequent questions posed by people and the answers.

  • Why do rats come to hide in your houses?

The primary reason rats come to houses is because of the poor surroundings around the home and inside your homes. Leaving liters of dirt around the house or inside the house could attract rodents. Since rats are foragers, they hunt for food around, and they will quickly gain entry into your homes if they find food around your house.

  • Do rats hide during the day?

Not spotting rats during the day often is not clear yet, but I believe the primary reason is that they are sleeping. While you may see some rats moving around the houses during the day, a high number of them sleep during the day.

Rats mostly wake up from their sleep around 7 pm to begin their hunt for food and other chewable items. When you wake up in the middle of the night, and you turn on the lights, you would mostly find rats moving around the house and searching for what to eat. This explains the reason why rats are in high numbers during the night. Rats often stay in their hiding places, sleeping during the day.

  • Do rats hide from light?

Though rats try to avoid being noticed and seen by people, they also do not hide from the light. Rats hide from the light, but if you turn on the light where they are, they will possibly run away to avoid being seen and not because of the light.

  • Do rats hide in a couch?

Rats certainly hide in couches. A couch provides the best form of protection for rats against any prey, which includes the human being. Also, the sofa is one of the places where they can without stress, gain entry, and hide for as long as they want. However, they would not like to hide there for a long time because they have to also look for food around the house.

  • What do rats smell like inside the house?

Rats mostly have the smell of urine and ammonia. This is quite a terrible smell to humans.

  • Do rats hide from humans?

To some extent, rats hide from human beings. The reason why rodents hide from potential threats and predators is the same reason why they also disappear from human beings. Rats don’t want you to see them, which is why they come out mostly at night.


Rodents are capable of hiding in any spot in your home. Gaining access to your homes may not be a difficult task for them, especially if there are openings and holes in different parts of your homes. The more they can find food around your home, the more they look for more places to hide and to continue consuming those foods.

You should stop pondering on the location of places where rats hide. Instead, you should be looking for possible solutions to get rid of rodents in your home.

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