Where Do Roaches Come from in the Bathroom?

These days, cockroaches seem to come from everywhere, especially if you are dealing with an infestation. Though one of the common places roaches appear are kitchens and pantries, with food left over as one of the things that attract them to your home.

However, you should know that there is no limit as to where roaches can appear. So in today’s post, I am going to answer the question a lot of ask as to where do roaches come from in the bathroom?

Why Do You See A Lot of Roaches in the Bathroom? 

Top Places Roaches Come From In The Bathroom

When it comes to roaches in the bathroom, they always come from the sewer, window frame, beneath the door, and cracks in the wall. For places like cracks in the wall, cockroaches lay eggs and it hatches, thereby leading to more roaches in the bathroom.

A lot of people think that insects are more common in the bathroom than other rooms in their house due to huge insect populations thriving in the sewer systems.

However, I have been able to observe roaches in the bathroom more frequently since they normally fall into sinks and bathtubs and find it hard to escape.

Note that roaches travel indoors because they seek food, water, and shelter, or the combination of the three. Meaning that any room in the house that has more water appliances like the kitchen, a basement with a plumbing system, or the bathroom may be more prone to attracting cockroaches than any other rooms in the house.

Like I said before, cockroaches are likely to fall into bathtubs, the shower, and kitchen sinks and won’t be able to escape. It simply means that you may see more cockroaches in your bathroom than any other room.

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there are more roaches in the bathroom than in other areas. So to answer the question of where do roaches come from in the bathroom, I will list and discuss the top places roaches come from.

Top Places Roaches Come From In The Bathroom

  • Under The Basin

Remember that water supply is one of the biggest reasons there are roaches in your home, so it shouldn’t surprise you if roaches appear from under the basin in your bathroom.

Since there are pipes supplying water to your house, which means there must be a small leak or gaps around the pipework that cockroaches use to gain access to your bathroom.

  • Under The Bath 

Similarly to the first point above, remember that under your bath has 2 major key things that roaches look for, they are:

  1. Entry gaps
  2. Water supply

Note that there is also the possibility of them feeling secure under your bath. This is because it is a good place for them to lay eggs faster.

  • Your Window Frame

Having gaps around your window frame gives roaches access into your home, and also offer a way out for them once they sense trouble coming. But not only that, any bathroom window may pick up condensation, which in turn offer roaches a drinking station.

  • Drains

Remember that in your bathroom, there are likely to drain running from your bath, basin, and shower,  and each of these will offer roach access to your home.

  • Around The Toilet Seat 

If you are among those asking, where do roaches come from in the bathroom? Then it is good you know that one of such places is the toilet.

Although cockroaches do not live in water, they can hold their breath for a long time. A time that is long enough to traverse your drain system and exit via your toilet.

Remember that your toilet is an entry point into your bathroom for any cockroach, and it also offers them a perfect drinking station.

How to Get Rid Of Roaches in the Bathroom

Since I have answered the bugging question where do roaches come from in the bathroom? Let’s see how you can reduce the chances of roaches getting into the bathroom.

So how do you get rid of cockroaches in the bathroom? Now let’s take a look…

Setting Traps

One of the things you should do is setting up several traps at some strategic entry points. You can try using a glue trap or camphor.

You should set up roach traps in the following areas:

  1. Under your basin
  2. Under your bath
  3. And on any countertop

Clean The Pipes

You should make sure that you clean your pipes using either bleach or white vinegar. Making use of both items will terminate cockroaches inside the pipework, and will act to deter them for a short time. Once you do this, as you pour water into the pipes, the scent of the deterrent will just disperse and will no longer be effective.

Once you have observed that roaches are coming up through the pipes, then try to use the plug or buying a cover for the drain hole in your basin, bath, or shower.

Try Fixing Any Leaks

Fixing any leak is the biggest and best thing that you can do to prevent roaches from getting into your bathroom.

Once your water pipe is leaking, a cockroach will be attracted to it as a water supply. This is because roaches need to drink too.

So fixing the leaks will allow you to remove one of the things that attract cockroaches to your bathroom.

Seal All Entry Points

In case you still wonder where do roaches come from in the bathroom and you want to prevent it, then seal all entry points. This is because if a cockroach cannot get into your bathroom, then you will not get any roaches in your bathroom. It’s very simple.

Ensure to check around pipework, your window frames, and any small holes in the holes under the bath, and basic. Make sure that these holes are sealed up straight away. Doing this is good for your house, it also prevents the cockroaches from getting into your home.

Remove Food Litters and Garbage

You are indeed likely to have a trash bin in your bathroom, and this may have discarded food or drink bottles inside it.

Remember that roaches are attracted to food, and they will be attracted to any discarded food inside your trash.

So ensure to remove your trash regularly, especially if it contains food items inside.


In case you still ask, where do roaches come from in the bathroom? Through this post today, I have been able to identify the top places roaches come from in the bathroom and 5 things that you can do to minimize the chances of getting a roach in your bathroom.

However, the vital thing you can do for your home is to remove all the things that attract roaches and try sealing up all entry points they use to gain access in the first place.

Try removing:

  1. Water (fix leaks)
  2. Food (empty the trash)
  3. Entry points

Note that the entry points into the bathroom include:

  1. A-holes in the walls
  2. Gaps around pipework
  3. Gaps around window frames

Once you follow these procedures, you will not get any roaches in your bathroom again and you won’t be wondering where do roaches come from in the bathroom.

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